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Commissions make up a significant portion of my work. Be it Landscapes, florals, or perhaps a painting of your home, commissioned work offers you exactly what you desire in the size that complements your space. 

Commission 1
Two Girls and Dog - Painting.jpg

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits can be the gift of a lifetime and happen to be one of my favourite art projects. Dogs and cats are my specialty but any loved pet can be captured in a portrait. All that is needed is a good photo of the subject and the size needed. All pet portraits are painted in acrylic on canvas.

Cat Photo_edited.jpg
Dog photo and painting_edited.jpg
Cat painting_edited.jpg

Private Lessons

private lessons for both children and adults are available in the comfort of my home studio. We provide all of the necessary tools and supplies. We offer acrylic, watercolour, sketching/drawing in graphite or ink. If you would like to take your artistic skills to the next level, private lessons will help you succeed. We have many students that now successfully sell their own work.



Workshops are an effective way for a group of artists to learn together, generally focusing on a specific goal in mind. I offer workshops in acrylic, watercolour, collage and impasto.

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